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RoC Dirt Tour Points



Points will be awarded at each event in both regions as listed below.  Drivers will earn 5 additional points for each heat win.  These bonus points will be carried over to the tally entering the final combination events.  Heat win points will also count toward the regional title.  A 25-point bonus will be awarded to any team that competes in all of the events leading up to the final combination events. This 25-point bonus will only be added to the combination points and will not be added to the regional distribution. Heat wins will be added to final regional point total. Each regional point fund will be determined by points earned prior to the final combination events.  DNQ’s (did not qualify) will earn regional points at each event as broken down below.  Regional points will be FINAL prior to the start of the season ending combination races.


Three separate point funds will be established for the 2006 RoC Dirt Modified and Sportsman Tours.  A separate point fund will be established for both the South and North regions along with an overall combination point fund.  Each regional point fund will be paid separate from the overall combination point fund.  A driver can earn points and point fund money in both regions.


A pre-race entry fee of $15 will be posted at each tour event.  That fee will increase by $5 after the posted pre-race entry fee deadline. The pre-race entry for Sportsman will be $10.


A RoC Dirt Tour membership will be available for teams that wish not to pay the individual entry fee per event. Teams with the membership will automatically be entered in all events and will avoid filling out individual entry forms. Mod cost: $200, Sportsman cost: $150.


Each participating track promoter may designate 1 driver as a representative/guaranteed starter at each event on the tour.  Each participating speedway would be responsible for last place starting money in order to add a representative at any race and must file driver representative in writing and on speedway letterhead 1 day prior to event.  This is to ensure that each participating facility has 1 representative in the starting field. If a track representative is not present at the event to confirm addition, absolutely no driver will be added without prior written consent. Responsibility falls on driver and speedway to send prior notification. This is NOT a Tour responsibility.


All non-qualified drivers will have the opportunity to compete in a Guaranteed Starters’ Race at the next tour event.  There will be one or two race(s) that will start off the racing program at the very next Tour event (if at least 8 of the DNQ cars are in attendance).  All of the non-qualified teams may enter the race with an opportunity to secure 1 or 2 guaranteed starting positions for that day’s event.  After those events are held the regular scheduled qualifying heat races will take place per that days draw. 


Each driver in the top 5 in regional points prior to the event will be awarded 1 provisional start during the season. Driver must attempt to run heat and consolation to obtain spot. Drivers may not use a top 5 standing in the North region to obtain a provisional in the South region and vice versa. NO provisional spots are available at the first event of each new season in each region. However, a racetrack operator may choose to add “track” provisionals after consolations have been run. Top 5 in points are not guaranteed starters.


If a driver has used his/her 1 provisional starting spot, they will have two “buy-in” opportunities during the season schedule. At each race, the top 10 drivers in that region’s point standings will have 2 opportunities to be added to the field. That driver must pay last place starting money to ensure that position after qualifying. Only 2 “buy-in” drivers will be permitted at each event and will be based on placement in points from 1st to 10th place. The top 10 in overall points will also have that opportunity at combination events. 2005 top 10 drivers may use this opportunity at the first race of 2006.

Event Point DistributionB-Main DistributionRegional Point Breakdown
1. 6013. 301st DNQ10pts1. 5009. 380
2. 5514. 282nd DNQ9pts2. 47510. 365
3. 5015. 263rd DNQ8pts3. 46011. 350
4. 4816. 244th DNQ7pts4. 45012. 325
5. 4617.235th DNQ6pts5. 44013. 320
6. 4418. 22All Other DNQ’s5pts6. 42514. 305
7. 4219. 21  7. 41015. 290
8. 4020. 20  8. 395 
9. 3821. 19    
10. 3622. 18  *heat win and bonus points added to these totals
11. 3423. 17    
12. 3224. 16